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04-03-2006, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Lander
Check the draft in the am evening and before bed.
Watch when your other gms pick. It may give you an idea of there scheduals.

12 hrs clocks for all gms to make there pick.
I would like to know what time zone you are in and what times do you expect to be online.
E.g I live in Nova scotia I am a nighthawk so I am often up till 2 am but i am off from work at 4:30 pm est and home by 5:30 anytiem between 5:30 and 2 am I can make my pick.

These are the main requirements to enter this draft.

any questions?
I`m in the EST in Ontario and can make a pick anytime; I live close enough to work that I can drop home at lunch if my turn`s up. The 12 hour window should be easy to live up to.

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