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06-11-2012, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
The allegations of him choking a coed are certainly not the way most 23 year olds act. Some of those stories are funny, others are a little more ****ed up. It's also fairly reasonable to hold a player who's a public face of an organization to a higher standard than a typical 20-something.
I'm 21 and I know plenty of people who could end up doing something like that if they were blackout drunk and things played out the right way. The fact that he's famous and gets his dick sucked literally and figuratively by most of the people he meets means he's probably not very well adapted to rejection. That's not to say he should be choking people, but the fact that he did also doesn't indicate that he's somehow disturbed or something.

And no, it's not fairly reasonable to do that at all. Good for him for not giving a **** about public relations.

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