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11-27-2003, 06:20 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
Wow... that is all I can really say. I mean, I understand bad games happen, but come one, I spend 10 hours in the car to see this game. I left with the score 5-1 and the Wings on a 5 on 3 (I was scared), so there might be a couple of things missing.

A- Torres-York-Dvorak. This was the only line that did much of anything last night, and they were dangerous all game long.

B Eric Brewer. Yeah he only played about 6 shifts because of the injury, but this was looking like one of those games that he would dominate. He had one shift where he jumped up into the rush and got a shot, then was the first guy back and made a very good defensive play.

B- Ales Hemsky. He created a couple of turnovers in the offensive end with some great forchecking, but this kid really has to learn how to shoot. When you steal the puck in the slot, you have to let a shot go because 9 times out of 10 the goalie won't be ready. 3 times he stole the puck, and the first thing he did was try and deke.

C Corey Cross. Later in he game when it was out of reach, he wasn't very good, but he made some excellent defensive plays early on (on Datsyuk and Draper), and was more physical this game than I remember in games past.

C MA Bergeron. Played well, but was more or less forced into a bad situation when he was killing penalties.

C- Ty Conklin. Not sure what he could have done on the goals, but like an old goalie coach told me, if you are lying on your stomach or your back, and the puck goes in, you did something wrong somewhere. He was lying on his stomach for 3 goals, and gave up a pretty bad looking goal on the short side (at least from where I was sitting). He had no rebound control again this game (and it caught up to him). He also needs to stand up more. He was sliding all over the ice, and on the goal where Staois and Cross played hot potatoe, he went down twice for no reason what so ever, and was out of position when the puck squirted out front. He did make some good saves, but this was <b>by far</b> the worst game I have ever seen him play.

D - F Everyone else. There were some very horrible decisions made out there by everyone. Ryan Smyth really needs to wake up on the draws. There is no excuse to get beat cleanly on 9 or 10 draws in his own end. At the very least, you have to tie up the guys stick or something. Smyth also made a completely bone headed play when he tried to clear the puck on a pk one time. He was coasting to the puck and tried a big slapshot to get it out, and on his back swing his stick was lifted, the puck stayed in, and the Wings scored. Ethan Moreau was brutal on the pk as well, as was everyone on the pk. There were at least 6 times where they had 2 players around the puck carrier, and instead of them double teaming it, and getting it out, both backed off giving the Wings space and time. They showed way too much respect and got burned on it. Staois was horrible this game. I don't know what it is about him, but every time he makes a mistake, the puck is in the net. He also took a stupid penalty when he picked a fight with Bootland... I mean, if you don't have your jersey tied down, don't start a fight.

I hope this game was only a product of a big time down on the rollar coaster. They had such a high leading up to the HC, and then a big comeback tie against the Jackets, and maybe the tank was just empty this game...
You missed ALOT

Brewer, yes, he was excellent, appeard like he was going to have another real strong road game (I'm tellin ya guys, this broad he's got is getting to his head). BUT IMO the Isbister-Stoll-Hemsky like where best line out there tonight. They didn't score, but Dvoraks goal was SUCH a fluke. The Torres-York-Dvorak line, however did play another solid game, but Izzy-Stoll-Hemsky had the most chances out of any lines and they looked REAL GOOD! Stoll was counted on ALOT- taking lots of important draws, playing on the most disgusting special teams units I have seen in all my years of watching the Oilers, and playing a strong five on five game. That is definately a line that will stay together!

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