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Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
Great work as usual, thanks for doing this feebs!

MS seems to often talk in terms of absolutes when talking about prospects, though I could have remembered incorrectly. Not saying that it's wrong, since the odds are odds, and he's well-respected for his hockey knowledge. Other posters like you and thefeebster will take stats in perspective and put them in context. Call it biased rationalizing or being overly optimistic, but I like to think that our prospects aren't as bad as it's been suggested sometimes, and that a guy like Schroeder would produce more when put with better players in the NHL.

Orcatown's reports sound harsh sometimes, but I'm not going to judge since he's watched many of their games before, and I did agree with many of his game reviews when it came to the Canucks.

On a different note, the Sedins IMO could learn to do the same thing that JS learned, and that is to hound the puck right away as soon as you lose it. It's all part of being hard on the puck no matter what zone you're in. Would make them much, much more effective in tight contests and that aspect of their game - plus their defensive play in general - would put them over the top as very good two-way players. I've seen this with Kopitar these playoffs and it was all from Terry Murray developing his defense. If anything, I think AV gives them too much slack in that regard.
To the Sedin's hounding the puck after you lose it means, stop moving your feet and hook with your stick.

Sorry. I'm just mad right now.

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