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04-04-2006, 02:27 AM
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you have no idea how meny times i have told him he is a jackass, and he should stop it. He just laughs and tells me to lighten up because its just hockey. Most of the stuff the people are suggesting coaches have tried to do to him, and he hasnt gotten better he has gotten worse. I asked the question because i was hoping someone would actually say a way that might resolve this so my team can win a championship. I have tried to talk to the guy today at practice hell me and the coach talked to him on the ice. He even dared the coach to bench him, the coach said he might just do that. He just laughed and said then the team will lose without me. Then he said wait till you see what i do on thursday. Knowing the guy that means he will do something stupid, my coach is actually thinking of benching the guy. If he will or if he will let him play is still up in the air. The thing is the team we are playing has the most french people on their team out of any team in the league. Personally the guy is my friend, but now i have to agree with everyone on here who has been saying he is out of control and should be stopped. He will probably go out and atempt to injure someone since the league was stupid enough to tell him its his last game in the league. In a way its the leagues fault for not dealing with him earlier.

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