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Originally Posted by Mr.Krinkle View Post
Don't talk to me about laying out money and eating it

You have to realize how many STH's there are here, who have put up tons more and ate tons more, we don't want to hear about your failed risk and refund for your attempted reward.
That's awesome. And I don't want to see you acting "holier than thou" because you're a STH.

I bought a package, one of the perks was the ability to buy more tickets. STH had the same perk. One STH on this board, at the very least, did so (CJ). There's no wrong in using a perk you purchased to fund your STH/package. In fact, that's one of the biggest reasons I would ever get full seasons.. the ability to potentially make back some of the money in deep runs.

And your edit was so ****ing nice. Really classy over there.

And yes, a ****ing scalper who sold 32 tickets this postseason (some of my own, others picked up in presale) to friends for the exact cost I paid for them.. even the ****ing PAWP price. But yea, **** me for the 2 tickets I sold for a $30 profit and the other 6 I was hoping to.

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