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Originally Posted by BrodeursCups View Post
This is what I said in the GTD.

3-0 is a gigantic hole in the finals and there's a reason it has only happened once in history. You NEED bounces and you need them consistently throughout the next 4 games. Not only that, you need breaks to go your way officiating-wise. Like it or not, **** gets called you don't like and goals will result. All it takes is one bounce or questionable play and you're at the end of the barrel.
Not to mention the one time it happened, the playoffs were two rounds long instead of four. And the other times it happened during the playoffs were also in the second round. By the time you get to the fourth round, you're running on empty. Even in the third round, there's only one 3-1 comeback in history, never mind 3-0.

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