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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Face palming an undeniable FACT?

It is not up for debate.

Maybe you should pullout the ol' abacus and crunch Rick Nash's numbers.


man, I was being generous calling him a "glorified 65 point player at 8 million per"... Nash, is in fact, a glorified 60 point player at 8 million per. 547 pts / 9 seasons = roughly 60 points per.

Rick Nash is the greatest hockey player that never was. Wins a Rocket Richard at 19 and people still think he's 19 with all this potential 10 years later. Rick Nash is who Rick Nash is gonna be: a GROSSLY overpaid 60 pt player who can score some goals and is a nothing more than a solid overall player. I'd take him at 5.5 million. 8 million? Insanity.

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