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06-12-2012, 12:27 AM
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(Wall of text, and One Piece references in bound!!!!)

So ya we declared war on the world and fought our way out of Impel Down and started a damn war, but Ace ended up dead anyway and our whole crew got their ***** beat. We still get to be trained by Gold Rodger's First Mate and come back next year and just kick everyone's ass.

*takes One Piece straw hat off*

Figured it went with my new avatar. I'm proud as hell of this team, will post that when I cool off in the "I'm proud of this team" thread. I know a lot of the haters, the negative people who only post when we lose come out and spew their crap. We didn't have our best tonight, but we also were never allowed to even begin to set a tone because of the damn three ring circus that went on. I get being upset that we couldn't kill off the 48 mins of man advantage they had (I guess...) or not getting much going in like the 5 mins of 5-5 there was...actually I take that back I don't get that. I just can't pin this one on the team after the utter nonsense I witnessed.

Kings win is still tainted to me, call me bitter, whatever. They deserved and won their way to the finals legit, they went up 3-0 legit. And CG is totally right, this is why you don't go down 3-0, because it allows crap like tonight to happen. Tonight was just not legit, jobbed plain and simple. We can discuss Bernier's hit until the cows come home. I've seen that kind of hit not called, seen it called. With the blood ya SOMETHING should of been called, but the major seemed a bit much. That isn't even really the point of what happened tonight. If the refs want to call that then FINE, but call a even game. There is a HUGE laundry list of calls that should of been called, before that hit, and during that damn PP (Volch getting punched, Gionta getting kneeded, Kovy getting *****). And it goes beyond that, ref pretty much setting a pick on Volch that set up the 4th goal, ref gets out of his way or just blows the play dead we are only down 3-0, which is doable, especially 3-1 going into the 3rd. The Clarkson phantom misconduct, it just goes on. THAT is the rub, that is the bitter damn taste. The quest for the greatest prize in sports SHOULD NOT end like THAT.

I don't think it was fixed or any of that nonsense, just think the refs plain sucked and the league needs to do something. Not the Kings fault either, they did exactly what they were supposed to for the most part. Not a big fan of some of their players, but congrads to the real Kings fan who actually suffered through not winning the cup. Could care less for the band-wagoners since they will forget the Kings exist in a week.

Glad the team took the high road, glad they stuck up for Bernier. I guess in the end it just sucks it ends like THIS. I really think if it was called even tonight we would of least had a shot, we would of had another 2-1 OT game. Could of gone either way, and again YES this is why you don't go down 3-0 which was TOTALLY on us we dug that hole ourselves, refs didn't do that. Just we also dug ourselves out, and if tonight was legit we might of done something super special.

Still proud as hell.

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