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I wouldn't bother going to Toronto... If you only have 2 weeks spend... You're spreading yourself pretty thin going to 4 different cities.

Id say go to 3 cities, Maximum!!!

And personally, i think 2 cities is all you should try and see in 2

? Or are you going to be flying between these cities??? That could get pretty expensive if your flying. Regional flights within Canada are NOT cheap... Look it up! I'd stick to two cities. And I'd pick Vancouver and Montreal.

Personally, if it was up to me and I was visiting Canada from a foreign country but had to spend 2 weeks in the middle of winter ... It would be Montreal, hands down.

I'm assuming youre from Jakarta, Indonesia or some other huge city... If you felt NYC was a "clean" version of your own city

Personally, I find NYC to be very ditty... Manhattan is just full of garbage on every single street... but I digress.

If you didn't like NYC that much... I wouldn't expect much out of Toronto. I think NYC is great, same with Chicago... And don't think Toronto holds a candle to either of those cities from a tourism perspective... Montreal and Vancouver on the other hand... Definitely compete with NYC, Chicago, and even LA as tourist destinations... Toronto just isn't that great of a place to visit...

Unless you really, really, really want to go to the HHOF in Toronto... I'd much rather spend more time in Montreal and skip Toronto altogether....Just my opinion.

Again... I say stick to two cities, and make sure Montreal is one of them!

Vancouver isn't very cold, and probably won't even have snow on the ground... But take the train up to whistler and you'll find lots of snow...

Plus, you'll get enough ice and snow with a week in Montreal.

Stick to 2 places... And I suggest Montreal/Vancouver. With an emphasis on Montreal.

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