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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Just feels like you were trying to justify all of the crazy things you've proposed doing to this team by using the Kings as an example. I'm just pointing out that while some individual players changed, the overall makeup of the team did not change very much. The Kings/Lombardi story is one of patience and measured and prudent moves. You don't win Cups by drastic overhauls of the roster. Just ask the Flyers.
You're confusing two different threads.

In the post of mine that you quoted in this thread, I was arguing AGAINST overhauling the roster.

I said that instead of trading for Nash, or even settling for Parise (who, while great that he only costs cap-space, isn't the specific type of winger we lack/need), we should trade a pick for Radulov and try to sign Justin Schultz.

That's why I was using the Kings as an example, because they were patient, but not patient to a fault. They waited until the right time and then had the balls to pull the trigger on the right deals during the season when the right deal came along (Jeff Carter) to put them over the top. It certainly helped that the rest of the team found their offensive game at the same time, and that Quick stayed hot throughout the playoffs, but you have to credit Lombardi too for finding the right balance of patience and aggressiveness.

I suggested that we make those two moves our offseason priority, and then wait patiently like hawks during the season for the right player to become available either before or at the deadline.

If the team struggles the same way we have to score goals and it's obvious we need a big name like Nash, we still have the assets to do it, and we'll have gotten an idea of how far along Erixon is in his development, and (assuming we sign him) how much Schultz can handle at this level. Then we can make a more educated move or non-move.

OR, if the team is scoring goals, then maybe we only need to add a rental like Whitney, Selanne, etc.

OR, perhaps the needs change completely and we need to add a rental defenseman. Visnovsky, Gonchar, Streit, Regehr, Enstrom, Scuderi are all set to be UFA after this upcoming season.

Needs change over the course of the season.

It's in many ways better to NOT have your lineup set in stone to start the season. Flexibility is so crucial and valuable in a hard cap league.

This is what I was suggesting.

I know that in the offseason thread, I come up with a wild proposal every day. It's the offseason. Im bored. Please don't take everything so seriously. It's just fuel for discussion and speculation. Im not seriously suggesting we trade Marc Staal+ for Nash and the 2nd overall.

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