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06-12-2012, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by FredBrathwaite View Post
The NHL is a business, and a corrupt one at that. Don't be surprised about the presence of backdoor strings. I refused to genuinely congratulate King's fans on this accomplishment. Not only are the majority of them on this forum arrogant, but they wouldn't do the same thing towards us if we won. **** them. There is no value in winning the stanley cup with the Refs at your side. There were WAY too many questionable calls in FAVOR of the Kings all playoffs long. For humanity's sake, I hope we all wake up tomorrow and realize that this was all just a horrible, horrible dream.
If I was running the joint and wanted to maximize profits why the hell would I fix it so that there's no game 7?

Game 7s for the SCF are awesome for business.

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