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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
I like the Zharkov pick because I think if you are using all four picks then you should be take a couple shots at a boom or bust type, ESPECIALLY when the two 1st round picks are relatively safe bets.
It's true that Girgensons is safe, but the same cannot be said for Jankowski.
Like I said after the first few times I saw him (before all the hype he's gotten), he has all the tools to be a fantastic NHL player.
However, scouts do get fooled, especially when the player is facing inferior competition.
He also needs to be handled correctly, as he's physically immature and the gap in quality between a Québec prep school that plays against a mix of competition (anywhere from NE prep schools and big tournaments to CÉGEP and Sport-Études teams) and one of the strongest conferences in the NCAA is huge.
He definitely needs a year of junior A so that he can get on a strength and training program that lasts for the whole season and so that he can face stronger competition.

As for Zharkov, I don't see him as a "boom or bust" type, more of just a "bust".
Strong vibe with him, for whatever reason.

Looking at the mock, it's pretty much what I would have chosen.
I'd easily take Shore at 42 (taken at 43) though, but I like him more than most I think.
Winther is a solid pick too (my type of player, as he has some high-end sense and skill, along with along with an edge).
The only other players still on the board that are really appealing are Pelech and Severson (big edge to Severson, as he's eerily similar to some guy who also played for Kelowna named Shea).
It's too bad Vasilevski was already taken, as I think he's right up there with just about every top goalie prospect.

Edit: I like Coda Gordon too, but I don't know if I like him that high.
His skating is poor and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he broke his femur in bantam.
If he checked out medically though, I'd think about it.

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