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11-27-2003, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
Don't try and talk about "oh we have new faces, it will take a while to win. PFFT!!! HERE'S OUR NEW FACES:

STUPID mistake to bring up the "new faces" arguement!!!
ALSO, the Oilers are missing their second best (arguably best before he was injured) center Marty Reasoner, they are also missing who was their first line center (Mike Comrie) they also don't have Oates who will step in as second line center. You DO have a better goalie, that's obvious. But for you to try and spout off about having better depth up front is SOOOO funny it hurts. I guarentee you that your fourth line would have a spot for Laraque EVERY SINGLE GAME. I also guarentee that Jason Chimera would be in your lineup as a regular.

I find it commical that you would consider yourself clearly a better team because you went deep into the playoffs last year thanks to ONE player.

You want to include the past? Fine - your team has been brutal. Made the playoffs once in what? four? five years??? You think because you went to the cup finals you are a better team? OK, last year, was Carolina better then the Isles???

The simple fact is that the Oilers are HIGHER in the standings, and we don't have our "#1" goalie healthy for just under half the season. We haven't had our best faceoff man, PKer, and two-way center in Reasoner for almost half the season. We've had to put our best player in an new position to fill a hole which has hurt his and in turn the teams play. There is absolutely ZERO fact to why the Ducks are better then the Oilers. You can't try and argue that because there is turn over as the Oilers have MORE then you. You also don't have NEARLY the same amount of players/assets not playing or available to you as what Edmonton does (two of our top three centers are currently playing).

Offer me some facts not based on a hot goalie carrying a team to the cup finals last year (which has been proven doesn't mean ANYTHING for the team the year after) on how the Ducks are this superior team.
Throwing out your trade deadline acquisitions because they had 10-15 games to adjust last season. You have 5 players there and one of them was expected to be your backup goaltender. So that brings us down to 4... Stoll, Bergeron, Torres and Salmelainen. Stoll gets 12 minutes a game, Torres gets 11:29, Bergeron is a 3rd pairing d-man who gets the 5th most amount of ice time per game out of the defensemen.

Compare that to Fedorov who is the team's #1 center and gets 21 minutes a night, Prospal who gets around 18 minutes a night, and Lupul who gets 12 minutes a night. What you're telling me is that 4th liners and 3rd pairing d-men who get tossed around every year have as much of an impact on a team as losing it's captain and #1 LW and losing their #1 center also and having them replaced by new people? It takes time. Losing Comrie hurts but the way Oilers fans talk about him, he must not have been that great.

You want to know why the Ducks are better? There are really no facts if you discount the playoffs last year considering the Oilers are one point ahead of the Ducks. How bout I give you some opinions instead.

The Ducks top 2 centers are better than any of the Oilers centers. Who would you take over Fedorov or Rucchin out of the Oilers centers? I would also take Prospal, Sykora, Niedermayer, Leclerc, Chistov and Lupul over Smyth, Isbister, Hemsky, Dvorak, Moreau and Torres. I'd take Giguere and Gerber over Salo and Conklin. I would rather have Havelid (although he's sucked lately) and Carney over Staios and Smith. I'd take Ozolinsh and Sauer before Brewer and Cross and I'd definitely take Salei and Vishnevski before Bergeron and Ferguson. That in my opinion is why I think the Ducks are better than the Oilers. Well.. Laraque is better than having Burnett on our 4th line, you have me there.

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