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Don't listen to Torontonians... Spend as little time there as possible. I can promise that you and the missus will have a better time in Montreal!!!

I'd rank Toronto as the third best city to visit in Canada. Montreal and Vancouver being the best cities to visit...

If I was on a two week trip, Id stick to three cities... Max... Personally I'd stick to two cities for a two week stay in the country. I would absolutely not try and see 4 cities in Canada within 2 weeks... You could do it I guess... Between Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, but I think you'll have a much better trip sticking to 2 or 3 cities. 4 cities is just too much travelling for 2 weeks.

Either way... I'd look to spend most of your time in Montreal. There's just so much to do in Montreal, and has a truly unique feel to it. Toronto especially, I find is just like a typical big city in the USA, not very unique... Unlike, Montreal and Vancouver are. Which are very much unique cities by Canadian/USA standards.

I'd want to spend at least one full week in Montreal... Which if you're planning on seeing three other cities... Could leave you missing out in your experiences there.

If money isn't a worry and you're flying everywhere... And you're dead set on seeing a minumum of three Canadian cities... This is what I'd do... (assuming your flying from Indonesia)

Pick one of Vancouver/Calgary. (then check out the ski resorts nearby either of those cities) both cities are great in the winter time... Calgary will have more options for pickup hockey though... Colder and more outdoor rinks for people playing hockey.

Pick one of Toronto/Ottawa. Depends what you're more interested in... But there is definitely more to see in Toronto... But considering you're only going to be there for 3 or 4 days... there's lots to see in either city in that amount of time.

And definitely go to Montreal. Try and spend a week there. It's the best city to visit in Canada, IMO.

(and start off in the East and travel West, so you gain a little bit of time going Westward)

Van->Calgary->Toronto->Ottawa->Montreal->Quebec city.

From West to East... Those are the cities I would consider going to, but again I suggest only going to three of them, since you will only be in Canada for 14 days... and you'll lose some time travelling between cities. I'd only bother going to two cities though.

Don't try and see 4 cities!!!! You will waste way too much time travelling!!!!

You have a ton of time now...Figure out which cities you'd like to see the most. We'll be sure to help you out.

If it was up to me... To pick 3 places... I'd pick Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, no question.

Personally... If I had two weeks... I'd only go to two places... I'd spend 8-9 days in Montreal, and the rest in Vancouver

Again... I'm just assuming you're from Indonesia... So I think I'd start the trip off in Montreal... You'll probably end up flying through Vancouver on the way to Montreal... But whatever. pretty much unavoidable considering Vancouver is the hub for flights from Asia coming into Canada.

I think it makes sense to start off in Montreal though, because flying from Montreal to Vancouver you will gain three hours because Vancouver is 3 hours behind Montreal. Plus this way makes getting back to Indonesia a lot less of a pain in the butt... I'm sure Vancouver to Indonesia is considerably less bothersome than Montreal to Indonesia... I'd get the big flight out of the way at the start of your vacation, and work my way back to Vancouver.

If you spend 9 days in Montreal... You will have time to see just about everything... Montreal is a great city for outdoor hockey in the winter... So you won't have to spend any money or find out schedules for open hockey at indoor rinks... (which is always a lot less frequent during the fall/winter, because that's when hockey leagues are most active, and they take up a lot of ice time)

You just show up to one of the many outdoor rinks in Montreal and play... People will be there. And I'm sure they will enjoy the fact some dude from Indonesia showed up to play Shinny!

End the trip off with 5 days in Vancouver... You'll see a lot of Canada... And you'll have ample amount of time in both cities. Maybe go 8 days Montreal/ 6 days Vancouver.

If you go to three or 4 cities... I really think you're just selling yourself short. Stick with 2 cities, and your trip will be more enjoyable! 3 or 4 cities in two weeks... = too much travelling, IMO.

hope this helped.

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