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06-12-2012, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by VFL615 View Post
Do you really think sports franchises in a city do not effect each other. Things they do are voted on by the same city governmernt. If the the city was not going to support a long time franchise like the Vikings if you were the Wild and things were going bad would you not have more of a thought process of getting out of town. In turn if you were Ryan Suter would you want to be a part of something like what the Coyotes are going through.
The Vikings may be getting a new building now but it sure did not happen without threatening to leave and a fight. Google it.
while that does make some sense in theory, I would draw your attention to nashville and the difference in treatment of the titans and preds. titans have been, and continue to be, given the world, whereas preds are AGAIN being criticized and held up over their lease - as just one example. so, nope, not buying the "they were mean to the vikings so they'll be mean to the wild" argument.

or you could ask a chicagoite about the different treatment of the cubs and sox, let along pulling the other franchises in....

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