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06-12-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Let's assume the Habs had signed Hamrlik and that he had contributed maximally, even heroically (LOL). Would you have been pleased if the Habs had finished 25th instead of 28th as a result of his efforts? You were thinking about how he might have mentored the young Dmen for next season but the Habs have two experienced Dmen, Markov and Kaberle. Also, if you would recall, Hamrlik insisted on a 2-year contract and he would have been on the roster today (unless the Habs could have unloaded him the way they did with Gill, and Hamrlik might have wanted a NMC if he had remained). That's the way I look at it and obviously we're almost 180 degrees apart.
I'll try this again for the umpteenth time. It's no longer about Hamrlik but the void he left and his contributions to an injury riddled defence. I am not confident going into next season with a D including an unproven, oft injured Markov. Should he go down again who will step up? Kaberle is now a two way d-man? Gorges is now a two-way d-man? IMHO the Habs need another two way d-man even if he's only of the fourth variety.

You're not Pierre Gauthier are you? You know - the guy that put all his eggs in one basket last year.

In regards to Hamrlik's contract - so Gauthier offered him one year at any price means Hamrlik should have accepted? FYI I read somewhere that JM wanted Hamrlik back for two years. Unfortunately the link escapes me. IMO the NMC was a non issue and not a demand by Hamrlik. He doesn't have one in Washington - he wanted the extra year - that's all.

And you really want the one dimensional, soft as butter, out of shape Kaberle mentoring young d-men?

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