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06-12-2012, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post

We need to upgrade the third and fourth lines. Fraser is a UFA and he will get some love from beyond. I would love to keep him, he is a great fourth-liner, but I don't know if the Kings will do that.

Penner will also get some love, most notably from Toronto, who is aching to get him. Will the Kings match? I would love to see him back, but we have to be realistic about such chances.

Despite Lewis' heroics last night (he had a GREAT game, not just the goals), we really do need to upgrade his position. A third-liner HAS to have more than 7 points during the regular season. Just has to. Besides, every time he is on a breakaway, I just know he is going to flub it. I am still astonished me made that penalty shot earlier this season.

So, there will be changes. But hopefully we will be able to keep most everyone on the boat for next seasons.
I think we keep Lewis, will let Richardson's contract expire after this upcoming season, re-sign Stoll, drop Penner, re-sign Fraser, re-sign Nolan, and I have a feeling we will move Clifford and upgrade that position, but perhaps not next season, but eventually.

Fraser has won 2 cups now and was huge for us, Nolan was our best source of energy on the fourth line, Clifford had good energy when he played, King had a staggering year and is cemented right now as the fourth line left wing, and Lewis was just great all around. As it currently stands is not horrendous. I kind of like it.

Richardson as spare forward


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