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06-12-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by jaco0557 View Post
I have tried both the Stealth in W and the CCM U+ in EE. I didn't bake them because every shop I have been to requires that one buys skates that they get baked.

The Stealths were about the closest to being wide enough, and it is possible that they might work if stretched and baked. However the fit was far from ideal, in other ways. Secondly, everything else I have purchased from Easton, has fallen apart rather quickly.
Ahh too bad, that CCM boot gets quite soft when baked and can even expand widths to accommodate wider feet. Perhaps you could request a half-bake from them to try so you could get a better idea?

Out of the custom options, I would see if I could reach CCM first for their CLs. They seemed to have the least amount of problems form what I've seen.

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