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06-12-2012, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by nona weisbaum View Post
The Devils failed to come through at certain moments during this series. I'm not going to ignore that and say it was all on the refs that they lost. That's not the point here. But if you don't think the Devils took it in the ass from the officials last night and at other key points in this series, well you're a very forgiving person I guess. This **** doesn't sit well with me all.

Scuderi completely turned on Bernier like the ***** that he is, but you know what, I'll give the officials a pass on that call. It's a fast game and that call is probably not as easy to make when it's not being broken down frame by frame. But Scuderi ****ing turned. He knew exactly what he was doing and it payed off big time, obviously.

What I can't get passed his how Gionta was boarded just before the Scuderi incident. No call. Volch took a punch to the face during the delayed call. No call. While it was 2 - 0, Kovalchuk got hooked down and held on the ice for at least 5 seconds while the kings came the other way and iced the ****ing game all while on a powerplay. It's sickening, and this was just game 6. This same crew called Clarkson for that awful boarding call in game 4. Why are people leaving this all at the Devils feet?

The game misconducts to Carter and Clarkson were laughable, especially Clarkson's. Look, I don't care how it's spun, 47 to 6 in regards to penalty minutes is a slap in the face to a hardworking team that did everything they could to make this a series.

As it stands, I'm disgusted with this league and I have even less respect for the diving *****es that are now the champions. They're a very talented team, no question about it. But again, they play with no honor. Not when you flop all over the place like they do trying to sell calls. It's infuriating.
I'm completely with you my man. It still just won't sit right with me. I woke up this morning angry with a pit in my stomach. Losing is one thing, but to have the SCF decided like that is an absolute disgrace. I'll always love my devils but I can honestly say that I hate the NHL. Love the game, love my team, but hate everything about the league. This might sound sour grapes, but I'll be extremely upset of something is not said by the devils. A circus was made out of the Stanley cup and if this just goes by the wayside and nothing is made of it idk what to say. It hurts, but the way it went down is just maddening.

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