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06-12-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
I'm just glad he posted again, I was worried about him since he hadn't posted in the last few days and this run's doubly stress-inducing if you're actually working for the team the red eye back in last I am literally slapping my face in the office trying to stay awake right now. Just for those who are curious, a run like this is very draining when working for a team (as I know it is as fans too)...

I like to consider myself an emotional fan - I think I jumped up and down for a full 2 min after Florida game 7...and in the box at MSG in game 2 against the Rangers. But...there comes times when you are just DRAINED emotionally/physically. I saw my counterpart with the Kings at Game 5, and he was saying the same almost feel numb because your mind/body doesn't have a ton more to give.

Hope it changes and you become better at it and can feel everything throughout and pace yourself better, the more times you go through it. But, looking back on this run, before the SCF - to win in game 6 and 7 as we did...then knock off your two biggest rivals back-to-back...that's about as emotional as it gets, for a good 6+ weeks...and that takes its toll and drains you. Looking forward to sleeping, recharging, and starting it all over again!!!

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