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11-27-2003, 08:05 AM
Bob Bastards
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Originally Posted by Reid
We all know that we need to move a few players and get some size. With that size, we need leadership, and I think Gainey knows that. I like Koivu & Rivet, but they are not the leaders this young team needs. Rivet is not doing his job this year. Maybe he is in too much of a comfort zone. Things need to be shaken up, and I think that will happen after Christmas.

The list of movers are:

- Perreault - to expensive for our 3rd line.
- Audette - I have to say it, "He sucks!!!"
- Brisebois - Needs a new home.
- Rivet - Is not doing his job, Markov needs another Russian.
- Dackell - Too small.
- Sundstrom - Too small.
- and yes, Koivu - I know, I like him too, but trading could get us what we need!?! A Power forward!?!


1 - We need a marque Power froward to play with Ribeiro & Ryder. Someone to lead our to best youngsters, this year, to the next level. And, to give us a real scorer, which will take pressure off Zednik. This would give 2 good lines.

Ryder - Rideiro - ???
Hossa - Bulis - Zednik (Czech-line, should make them happy, and should help Hossa.)

2 - We need a real big, strong intense center to play on our 3rd line, another leader. A player like Chris Gratton or Wayne Primeau, to play in the middle of Kilger & Ward.

3 - We now need a DF Dman to play with Markov, Rivet is not helping him anymore. I heard Visnevski names said, this would be nice if it were true. Both young, both from Russia. I don't think Markov needs a leader anymore, just a friend to watch his back.

4 - Another big man, like a Steve McKenna size player for the 4th line.

Just my thoughts
I agree with the following mover:

I disagree with:
Brisebois (he play great since the start of the season)

I agre if and only if we receive a good return:

Yes we need a power forward, but not in trade from Koivu. If we trade Koivu we have to receive a real first line center. Rib is great, but on the second line and Bulis is lost at center in the NHL.

Rivet. First I don't get your "Markov need another russian" comment. If he need a babysitter, send him back in russia. For Rivet, you need another right hand Dman. Quintal will not last the whole year (he is already in a state of constant decay...) so we will be short of right hand dman.

Third line center. I am with you on this one, I can't stand Juneau anymore. If CJ want to match our third line with the opposition best line, we need a better center. Juneau can't score anymore and is back is falling appart. Dump him fast...

Another fourth line grinder. Our entire team is fourth line, trading for another one is useless. Ward, Begin, Langdon, Kilger and a bunch of kid in Hamilton can play this role, heck bring back Dhykuis and make him play forward and you will have your fouth liner...

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