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06-12-2012, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by CerebralGenesis View Post
I think it'll be 2-3 years before they can do this again. It takes a lot of luck and teams that go on deep runs tend to get worn out the season after unless they are very young or if new personnel take over. But it's possible, never saw this run coming .

The only thing I do not like at all about Petey's system is their inzone coverage. It is so unorganized and half the time players don't even know who is supposed to be where. How often do we see a guy wide open on the off side or floating into the slot because no one picked him up?

Credit to Sutter for having a forechecking system and a great D. That really did wonders for them. If Pete can get a D system in place, I'll be 8x more confident than right now.

Odd man rushes and stuff are a symptom of his D pinching so I can live with that. Hopefully the goalie of the future can as well.
I think lack of organization was a matter of being unfamiliar with the system.
There were a couple of personnel changes throughout the season and a handful of injuries scattered about.

The transition was rough on the defense, and it definitely showed.
I think, as the season went on, we saw tighter and tighter coverage. Defenders were becoming better at clearing the crease and staying out of Marty's way.

This past series is hard to judge because I think mental fatigue wore them all down and caused a lot of stupid errors.

With a season under their belt, I think we'll see a more solid team in all 3 zones in the fall.

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