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06-12-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
Hey guys. Congrats on the win, the series turned out to be really fun! I was hoping for a game 7, but the twists were really exciting either way.

I have a question about the officiating & just wanted to get it from a Kings fan or neutral perspective. Did you guys think it was a little odd or excessive? I've never seen something like this personally in such an important game in SCF. It's not like this was Pens-Philly 1st round, there was no gooning by both teams.

Also, if your team were on the other end of it, what would you think?

Would love to hear opinions. Very curious. Thanks again!
The Stoll/Chionta hit was a missed call, but it's also the type of hit that maybe you don't call in a deciding game of the SCF so you can let the players play. The Bernier/Scuderi hit had to be called, had to be a 5 minute major. Carter made a bonehead play, jumped on Quick well after the whistle and took a swing, once again right call. Clarkson's misconduct with no other penalty baffles me, and as a fan would upset me. the Linesman being in the way, once again would upset me, not merely because he was in the way, but out of position and in the way.

That said, most of it I could live with, as a Kings fan, have lived with. I would be upset in the moment, but get over it 'cause I know those guys are out there reffing the fastest most difficult game to ref. It'd be bitter and take some time, but eventually I wouldn't blame the refs.

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