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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
When you figure out why they were traded, explain it to me, would ya? Because it blows. It sucked the day it happened, and it still does. The heart of the Flyers was yanked out one day last June, and shipped out west. He brought a winning mentality and a 'leave it all on the ice' approach to the game to a young team that saw how he played and applied it to their games. Both he and Carter were instrumental in LA's Cup run - not only for what they did on the ice, but the attitude needed and the experience of going through it before.

If the Flyers win the Cup in the next year or two, this won't hurt so badly. I'm not holding my breath - there are still a lot of pieces that need to be put in place, and Bryz has to not suck, before the Flyers can come close to winning.

The Kings (and a few recent other Cup winners) put a core group of young players together and had the patience to go through growing pains with them. When the time was right, they tweaked their roster slightly, adding veterans where necessary and team first players that fit into their team identity. And they won. The Flyers have never shown that patience and we're a long way away from it today.
Lol...LA already had plenty of this attitude from their Captain and Kopitar. Richards and carter are nice pieces, but LA was already positioned to be a contender without them.

Just like Carter and Richards are not airing the dirty laundry about PHI, our management won't Air it about the true reasons they were moved, but it's pretty easy to read between the lines to see why they are gone.

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