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06-12-2012, 12:53 PM
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I started as a Kings fan with my uncles. My mom's family is from Toronto and moved to L.A. when they were kids/teens. Her younger brothers, the youngest in particular, got me into hockey and cheering for our local team, the Kings. That was early or mid-80's. For a while, I was just watching because it was fun. I started getting into it quickly, picking up some pucks and a stick. We'd take turns shooting the puck in the garage. Eventually they asked me if I wanted to go to a game. I was thrilled. I watched the Kings beat Toronto 3-0, I think. I had a blast. It was loads of fun.

I remember when the Kings signed Gretzky and brought in the new colors. I thought this would be it. We were building a pretty decent team and this really helped us along. When we got to the cup in '93, I thought we were likely to win. Of course, everyone knows that outcome.

It's been a long and painful time since then for Kings fans. Even this year, I did not expect much. The last two games of the season, losing out on the division title, had me thinking the Kings were back to standard form and would be an easy target in the first round. With a 4-1 win, I was dumbfounded and figured this was the wrath of the hockey gods against Vancouver. When they swept St. Louis, I was dumbfounded and amazed and now slightly optimistic. The Kings going up 3-0 in the series is what finally settled it into my head that they were probably heading to the cup.

Going up 3-0, I started to feel we were going to do it. Then games 4 and 5 hit and I became worried. Fortunately, the Kings came out strong in game 6 and won the cup. It was a joy and relief. 30 or so years of disappointment wiped away. I didn't start tearing up for a while. I was too busy watching any coverage I could find online (no cable/t.v. reception). It was only once I went to bed that I started to get a bit teary-eyed. This morning, the main local ESPN station were doing Kings celebration stuff. They talked to some Kings staff and lots of general discussion, chatting with fans, etc. It was in some of those moments that it set in and I started crying.

I'm proud of what this team has done in these playoffs. It was a great run.

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