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06-12-2012, 01:24 PM
pretty damn valuable
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My feelings (putting aside the notion of RJ being done and needing to step down [it's time, Rick]:

This is near perfect. The only thing that makes this better is if we get a solid fill-in for games RJ does not call. Sylvester has been, in essence, fired (here's a weekly two-hour pity show, compared to your 74-game manning of the studio)

- Ray's analysis at ice level has been NOTICEABLY improving over the years, and what he brought last year, on top of Neale's drivel, was of value and noteworthy. He was AWFUL in the studio trying to find the right camera to look at, but once he got into the games while they were ongoing, he showed his worth, and continuously got better.

- we know that Duff is a breath of fresh air, a true professional, couldn't be happier to have him full-time

This is Ted Black listening to fans, really. I love it.

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