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06-12-2012, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by rypper View Post
I don't see burrows as being a player getting a 10 year deal to be honest.

I do see him taking another discount, not as healthy as before but making 4-4.5 mil per I'm A-ok with paying a versitile player of his caliber.
That's why I think my 6 year 22.5 deal works best.

He's at market value for the first 4 years (averages 4.5 per) the two extra year pays him 4.5 (creating a good cap hit for the team...Burrows believes in that).

4.5 average until 36, with a $3.0 and a $1.5 to finish up the 6 year term.

Win-Win IMO.

I cannot see any team valuing him the same way we do. Nobody is going to give him 6years $30. I doubt anyone gives him 6 years.

He's likely get offers of 4years 18 million (we're offering him that over the first 4 years + 2 years of security).

***seen it a few times now, people keep posting about not giving Burr a 10 year deal.....Nobody has suggested that in this thread that I've read***

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