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06-12-2012, 03:50 PM
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I for one do not believe 'rumors' was the basis for this team falling apart. If it was then get rid of everyone because if they can't handle that they could never handle a march through the playoffs.

This team fell apart because the GM put all his marbles in goaltending with very little experiece and then went on to say he can get a good veteran goaltender at any point. Obviously that never happened. The team fell apart from lack of depth and true top players down the middle-he didn't want to hand out the contracts that NYR handed out but felt somewhat compelled to hand out ridiculous contracts to Komisarek and Armstrong and then took on Lombardi to have Franson. This team fell apart because he backed a coach that had no real defensive system and accountability in place. When we got scored on he blamed the players and the goalie. Instead of firing him last season he decided to give him an extension then fire him once the season was lost.

This team lost because of a lot of reasons, you can say 'rumors' did them in. In the end Burke has only himself to look at. He is the guy in charge of decisions and all those reasons above-those were his decisions.

Time for Burke to step up and stop whining about the press and do his job. Time to stop picking fights and put together a team with 'fight'. Stop complaining about contracts being offered out and signing duds to your own team. Because as of today, it is he who has driven a franchise into the sewer and not Kevin Lowe.

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