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Originally Posted by Emperoreddy View Post
If saying the team lost all on their faults makes you feel better then fine. I don't get the need to put down people who really feel like Game 6 was a damn circus and we weren't given a fair shake in that game at all. Everyone gets Game 1 and 2 and 3, no one is denying that.

Score would of been totally different if it was a fair called game. I'm sorry but I totally believe it would of been another coin flip game.

I don't subscribe to any conspiracy theories, don't think the refs had an agenda. I can understand thinking it because NBC's biased coverage lends it self to that, but that just isn't what happened. The refs were complete morons, did a terrible job and inserted themselves into the game when they shouldn't of been. They screwed up plain and simple.

People have a right to be mad at the stripes today. Jeez.
As someone who was pretty neutral this series, I believe you guys got absolutely jobbed, and not just in this game.

I know it's been vogue for a while for media and even fans to dismiss horrible calls that directly influence games and say how if they just did this, that, or the other, a good team should be able to overcome bad calls.

It's complete nonsense.

No, you shouldn't have allowed 3 PP goals, but why should you have had to kill a 5 minute penalty to begin with? The play should have been called dead after the Stoll hit, and to make matters worse, Penner forearms a Devil's defenseman right in the mouth in front of the referee right before the whistle blew.

I'm sorry, but that makes all the difference in the game. You guys were simply not given a fair shake in that period, and nothing you did afterward would have made a difference after LA scored their goals. It was a screw job of epic proportions, and I hope DeBoer comes out next week and says something about it.

Heck, even though the game was already over, what business does a linesman have standing at the circle when it's anything but an icing call when he runs into Volchenkov?

I haven't gone through the entire thread to get everyone's opinion, but man oh man I'd be bouncing off the walls right now if it was the Pens.

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