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06-12-2012, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by gliff View Post
Perfect example of why I hate people like you. Ignorant statement that you have clue about. You know nothing about the Ducks or those players except what you see the bloggers post.

The world is not black and white. And until Gardiner and Lupul lead you to a Stanley cup (****, even the playoffs) how in the hell did you clearly win the trade?

Lupul was never going to get a chance and he was a Salary dump. Gardiner was dealt from an area of strength(defensive prospects) to help an area of weakness(a strong 2 way guy to pair with Fowler). That is exactly what every Ducks fan was begging for. Beggers cant be choosers. I will take the Beauchemin trade 10/10 before the Kessel trade.

I hope Gardiner breaks your heart just like Schenn did when he regressed so hard that every Leafs fan wants to tarde him for picks/prospects. I hope Lupul and Kessel both leave the Leafs and they are stuck ina rebuild so long that you become a fan of whatever team moves to Toronto, THEN I hope the Leafs start winning start winning.

To all reasonable TML fans, I'm sorry this guy represents you because this is why you geta bad reputation.
some one give this guy a hug

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