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06-12-2012, 06:18 PM
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STHs/those who thought about getting STH-

I'm thinking about getting full seasons.. what are some of the things you took into account when deciding to buy or not to buy tix? Other than cost i'm saying, since that's an obvious. How many games do you have to attend for it to even be worth it? What other perks are there? Are they significant enough to warrant being a STH? etc.

I really want to buy seasons, on some level just to support the team, since I loved my PAWP experience.. so would love some advice on making the jump.

EDIT: I know people are going to say not to make decisions based on a deep run like this.. but it was less of the result of the game than the general awesome feeling it was to "own" certain seats, get to know those around me and be able to bring friends, etc. to MY seats. Obviously not depending on a SCF run every year to get "value" out of the seats I got out of my PAWP..

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