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06-12-2012, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Alisa View Post
To those having trouble getting tickets, if you are using the code from the email, use "Vip ENews offer" and keep it any price rather than $0. And only request 1-2 at a time. This seemed to make the difference for me.
That's what I've been trying ... for almost 3 hours now ...
and no luck getting even 1 ... looks like I'll be solo as GF can't join me ...

I got offered tics from 2 different people, but since I would only need ONE , maybe if someone has just 1 extra they can hook me up, and then free up TWO for another HF poster that would need 2 tickets ... just a thought to try and help out as many get in as possible.

Thanks again to those 2 that offered to me, I will need 1 ticket as I'm about to give up on Ticketmaster, it's a waste of time at this point now, maybe at the 6 pm public offering I'll try one last time ?

Anyways, I hope someone can come thru for me and hook me up with at least 1 ticket for sure, thanks again !

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