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04-04-2006, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by preddevil
I can see your point, but hockey is a fast moving game. I've seen so many instances where a guy swerves at the last minute and the checker attempts to compensate and it ends up with some not quite legal contact. That's what penalties are for. To use your comparision. If a guy is swinging his stick to hit a flying puck and he hits another player, he gets a highsticking or slashing call. It takes an intentional swing at another player to warrant a suspension in most cases. The hit in question is the kind of thing that happens every night. I just don't see how this one is any different.
I agree with you that I've seen worse cases that have gone unpunished and I think Gallant's complaints probably forced the NHL to review it but that doesn't change the fact that is illegal contact. If Vyborny was able to get back up and play the rest of the game, I'm pretty sure that there wouldn't be a suspension. How much you hurt the player definitely has some swing in these cases.

I think that the case with the high stick is different because the player is actually trying to hit the puck and accidently hit someone else. With Witt, when he realized he was going to miss the check, he was intentionally trying to hit Vyborny with his leg to slow him down. Granted, he was probably not trying to knee him in the thigh to hurt him but you can't just throw your leg out when you miss a check.

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