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06-12-2012, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Kevin8se7en View Post
1. Lehener being shopped IS NOT ANYTHING NEW... its been proposed before, as far back as the Bishop trade.
Are you seriously equating proposals on this message board with a guy actually "being shopped"? Seriously?

Originally Posted by Kevin8se7en View Post
The rumor is based on the RUMOR that the Sens like Subban and could draft him.
Based on that RUMOR, does it not make sense that they trade Lehner? I mean, cmon... lol... its really not that difficult to piece together here...
No, it really doesn't. It's called "grasping at straws".

What you really need to do here is have this thread changed from "Rumour" to "Speculation", because you speculating that the Sens drafting Subban somehow has some bearing on Lehner is just that... speculation. Not rumour.

Originally Posted by Kevin8se7en View Post
People are proposing Pat Kane trades because he partied hard, and some guys in Philly got traded for that reason. I dont get why im getting my balls busted for a realistic scenario here... lol
Fine, put "proposal" in front of your thread and we can all ignore it. Just don't call it a rumour based on a SensChirp article that you completely misquote, and a poorly written Big Bruce article that you completely (purposefully?) misinterpret.

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