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06-12-2012, 09:27 PM
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I think this might be the strongest division in the Q.

3:Val D'or
4: Drummondville

I think that Blainville will add 2 good euros, that should put them over the top upfront, abd I feel they will add another D...

Gatineau I like, they're my current favorite, however BLB will be active, However with Groulx as coach don't discount them. Should be and interesting year, with some strong coaches in the division.

Val D'Or, could surprise and do better that Gatineau, however I don't seen it, I like their team, and their firepower, but on D I question them. Dumont may make some moves to fix that, I think he's the type to be patient and not to overpay. I think they are a 2014 team.

I have Dru at 4, because they have and elite Goalie, and some highend talent, like Acrchambault who is in his 4th year in the Q and could hit 80 points (overly optimistic perhaps) I think Gauthier could breakout, and Brouillards could be a rock.

Rouyn will be 5, they aren't as deep as Drummondville, but have some nice pieces. I think they have more pot then the Volts.

Sherbrooke will be last because they lack chemistry, and arent very good, the have a solid mix, an could surprise but the rest of the division has high end guys. The 5 OA's they go with could change this.

@Taioseach, while I agree that Gatineau could add a high end euro, I believe that Bouchar will trade up, and may have found a gem or 2, something the Armada are known for.

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