Thread: Speculation: Can Radulov become a Hab?
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06-12-2012, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by EnforcerWeNeed View Post
It wouldn't be a mess if he was signing for 4 millions, just like Andrei Kostitsyn signing one-season/3.25 millions.

the importance of a player in the team is defined by its salary. For example, when Boston signed Chara, they told him he would be the most paid player on the team.

But for Radulov, we will lose some 2th round picks, if he signs, we're going to overpay him 2-3 millions.

I don't want Radulov as the guy we'll build around.
Salary has nothing to do with the point here.

I just find it funny that you think Radulov is basically a pile of ****, that you can never win with but at decent price, you would still take him. Like what the hell? Do you want to win or not? Why would you want a guy that you think will cause trouble, costing goals, ****ing with the chemistry etc.. at half price. You think because he only will get 50% of what he should get in salary, he will suddendly be a great teammates, that backchecks and all? There's just no logic in what you said.

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