Thread: Speculation: Can Radulov become a Hab?
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06-12-2012, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Salary has nothing to do with the point here.

I just find it funny that you think Radulov is basically a pile of ****, that you can never win with but at decent price, you would still take him. Like what the hell? Do you want to win or not? Why would you want a guy that you think will cause trouble, costing goals, ****ing with the chemistry etc.. at half price. You think because he only will get 50% of what he should get in salary, he will suddendly be a great teammates, that backchecks and all? There's just no logic in what you said.
If we ever get Alexander Radulov, he'll be some kind of a saviour. We'll give him what he wants (6-7 millions) and if he doesn't get it, we lose what we paid for his rights.

So if we get Radulov, we'll get him as that concession-player with the highest salary.

Salary is an important point here.

Scott Gomez at 7.3 millions is a pile of ****. Just like he actually is.
Scott Gomez at 2.5 millions is a good 3rd line centreman that can be a journeyman on the top-6.

Alexander Radulov at 7 millions is a lazy ass mofo pile of **** that doesn't do anything on the ice, that cost us goals, oh and wait, he's the guy we're building the team around!! Oh noes!!
Alexander Radulov at 4 millions is a good uni-dimensionnal offensive winger for Tomas Plekanec.

You get the point?
There's no way we get Radulov for 4 millions. There's no way Radulov is going to be considered "that good 2nd line winger that helps Plekanec scoring goals".

The only way we get Radulov is at 7 millions where he's gonna be a lardass overpaid mother****ing lazy piece of ****.

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