Thread: Speculation: Burrows & Edler
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06-13-2012, 12:14 AM
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The concern for me with a Burrows deal, is that i would be wary of signing him beyond the length of the Sedins' tenure here. So in some significant part, it comes down to where things are headed with the Twins and how long they're planning on sticking around here in Vancouver. That's not to say that Burrows isn't a seriously valuable player in his own right independent of the Sedins, but i do think that his cap value is heavily contingent on whether or not he's playing with the Twins, versus as more of a checker (which he's also plenty capable as, but worth less cap-wise). Realistically though, Burrows will likely be beaten up physically and on the decline before the Sedins, so that complicates things somewhat as well.

As for Edler...i get the impression that Gillis will come in with an offer in the same vein as the Hamhuis+Bieksa deals, as a proportion of the cap, whatever that may be that coming year. So something along the lines of $4.6M+ cap increase %. And along with that impression, comes a fair bit of uneasiness about the situation, as Edler could easily fetch a lot more on the open market. But it all depends heavily on what sort of development we see out of Edler in the coming season. If we see him continue to grow and emerge as a true reliable #1 guy, then maybe Gillis opens up the wallet and gives him more cash, but if he plateaus at all, and continues to fit in here as a sort of 'rotational #1' alonside Hamhuis and Bieksa...then i suspect Gillis will insist on trying to pay him accordingly.

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