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06-13-2012, 05:26 AM
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We donīt win a cup, because we focused on bad players and bad strategies...

Often we are signing players based on their ability to sell tickets or jerseys... Not because of their abilities to play. We focused too much on experience and age.

- The Pronger trade is backfiring huge (Sbisa, Cap Space, Richards + Carter trade, Career ending Injury)

- The Bryzgalov trade is backfiring in the future (i know no one of you want to hear this, but it is what it is)

Also we are playing a style of hockey a lot of people love, but it isnīt a style to win Championships..... I saw a lot of Kings Games in the PLayoffs and the way Brown, Stoll, Richards played the game expressed me way much more than the play by Jagr or Briere.... We canīt win it all with only offensive players who donīt care about defense.....

And we canīt win with throwing huge contracts at players who arenīt worth half that contract....

Bryzgalov isnīt a leader, he isnīt mental tough, he is only a good goalie... But a good goalie isnīt enough in Philly, we need special mental players because of the pressure all of the franchise recieved....

Richards, Gagne, Carter, Powe, Betts, Lapperiere are all better defensively than Schenn, Jagr, Simmonds, Voracek, JVR and so on....

just my two cents......

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