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06-13-2012, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Pitt changed coaches in Feb of their cup year, played a defense first system after that, and sprung a left wing lock on their playoff opponents in April. Chicago was the 5th best defensive team in the league in 09-10.

"Strict defense" is not the same as defense first. You're confusing the two. You can keep clinging to the aberration that happened in Carolina but that's fantasy island.

Where reality resides, pond hockey doesn't win cups.
The left wing lock...a system similar to what the Flyers use.

Anyway, it's also funny that the year following that coaching change to a defense oriented system Pitt allowed more goals than the previous year, and that last year they were mediocre again. So one year out of the 3 they were solid defensively. That year they lost in the 1st round.

You're also confusing not getting scored on with playing defense first. If you are going to sit there and tell me that the Chicago Blackhawks were a defense first team then you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. They didn't allow goals because they had an overwhelming offense. The same way Detroit doesn't allow goals because they continuously possess the puck in the offensive zone. That's not defense dude, that's the "the best defense is a good offense."

You can keep clinging to the fact that you know what wins championships when the real fact is you have no frigging clue. No one knows what wins championships because its a random combination of ever changing factors. Being good, being healthy, getting a good matchup, getting lucky, it goes on and on. Every year someone wins because of those reasons, and every year the percentage of each reason that goes into the championship formula changes.

Defense wins championships until the Rams bring the greatest show on turf. Pitching beats hitting until the Cardnials win the World Series. You can't win without a QB until the Ravens do it. You need a great goalie until Niemi and Leighton are the starters of the Cup Finals....

The point is defense wins..sometimes, and offense wins...sometimes. There is no right way to do it, and if you think there is then you're wrong. If there was, every team would try to build themselves the way that it needs to be done, and whoever did the best job of that would win. But it doesn't work like that. All you can do is build the best, and most balanced team you can, and hope the chips fall your way.

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