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11-27-2003, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Darz
Imo. the biggest thing THIS TEAM NEEDS is the fans to be patient. Gainey has assessed the current crop and I'm sure he has a plan of attack (regardless of what he says, I'm sure he is looking at possible changes, remember what a GM thinks and what a GM says are two different things.).
Patience is a virtue, passiveness is a fault. And the line is thin between the two.

Originally Posted by Darz
This team isn't going to move 5-7 current players in the next little while. If you think they are your dreamin. If you expect the club to bring up 4-5 guys from Hamilton your dreamin. The prospects are being brought along at a pace that will hopefully maximize their potential. To bring them up before they are ready is the worst possible thing the habs could do.
Yeah it's important to realize they can't do that. But they could certainly move 1-2 or even 3 by the time the year is finished. And in my opinion the sooner the better.

Right now we should concentrate on making a place for Komisarek. As Bob Gainey said we are keeping kids down that appears to be ready. And all of that because we have a logjam. Gainey would rather go with the vets in place because it would be even more disruptive to start shaking up the team by trading left and right, calling up kids, etc. And also because some of them are just plain untradable. But I just don't think the reason why some kids are still in Hamilton is because they are not ready and because we don't want to rush them. Patience is all nice and dandy but I think what's happening with the habs right is a lot more passiveness and incapacity to move than good ol' patience.

Originally Posted by Darz
This summer when Gainey was named GM pretty much everybody here was happy with the move. 21 games into the year and he hasn't performed any miracles or shipped off every player over 27 years old, and now you all want to question everthing he does or doesn't do???
Have some faith. The wheels are in motion.
And I still am.

Gainey has done some very nice moves which includes the hiring of Gauthier, the Begin and Langdon pick ups, the Dagenais signing (good AHL depht), the way he handled the boo birds, his calm demeanor, the way he handled the Theodore situation, his backing of the team and the contracts he has awarded (team bonuses for Koivu, low base salaries, 2 way contracts to Ribs). And it's particularly hard to fault him with bad moves. All of what he has done has been good. But he still needs to do a little bit more. I really think Higgins and Komisarek should be playing with the habs right now and that Perreault and Rivet should be traded to make place for them. And I'm sure it's not all that difficult to do.

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