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06-13-2012, 09:58 AM
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its a curious move but by no means a guaranteed mistake. its easy as a fan to just say give up the worst possible pick and seeing as their is only 1 pick after this its a good bet this is the worst possible pick. on the other hand a gm needs to take into account where his team will be in each possible year. the strength of the draft and any number of other factors. this is likely a rob peter to pay paul type thing. he may give up a slightly better pick in one of the next two seasons but he feels he needs to pick a first round and start developing him now cause he may be very important in a few short years.

his gamble lies in not crapping the bed. if they are picking in the top 15 when they give up the pick i dont think any amount of justification can be made. if it ends up in the 20s you can easily say they need the players sooner rather than later and the 2 years of development was worth the value difference of player selected at 29 compared to say 22.

giving it up now is the safe move. cant really argue that but this could look smart if he grabs a gem at 29 some how and then gives up a similar pick down the road.

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