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06-13-2012, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by habitue View Post

Was he the head coach of the Avs ?

Were they a "talented" d-corp ?

Were they a talented team overall ?

Have you checked the goalies they had over the last few years ?
Well I had to since I'm a fan of theirs (I also fail to see what goalies have to do with the way their defense played and they had two pretty good ones in JSG and Varlamov this season) and I know what I'm talking about. He was the guy responsible for managing the defensive pairings and defensive assignments and he did a poor job IMHO, but please enlighten me and tell me how wrong I am.

FTR I'm pretty sure you won't find any Avs fans who are sad about him leaving.

As for their defense the Avs entered this season with 3 clear cut NHL top 4 defensman (EJ who at worst a high end #2, Hejda and Quincey) and two borderline ones (O'Byrne, Wilson, both better suited for #5 role, but can play in the top 4 in shorter stints if needed) and a bunch 3rd pairing d-man. Not a great group but certainly not cannon fodder either.

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