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06-13-2012, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by VFL615 View Post
So Dennis Bernstein who is a senior writer Directior of U.S. Operations of a well known very popular hockey magazine "The Fourth Period" is what i bolded and underlined of your statement. I will disagree and just because a Detroit loving website made an article about it also imo does not discredit the information. Detroit seems to have a lot more interested media in day to day operations than media that is Nashville Predator friendly. Not seeing this by a Predator media outlet is no surprise. 1. They probably had no clue it was out there. 2. Like folks on this board they ride the fence and the Predators can do no wrong and anything against the Predators is to much to accept until it actually happens.

Ive said before read the tea leafs. It always starts out as chatter and then boom it happens. You cannot say i have not tried to soften the blow that is going to come soon with Ryan Suter.

I do understand the sketchy league exec and so forth is not concrete data but do you really expect him to name names?
There are plenty of well-known magazines with hardly any credibility, but I guess that's beside the point. And no, I do not expect him to name names, but I will always take "unnamed sources" with a grain of salt, especially in a tweet.

Like I said, Suter may very well be gone. The source may very well be a credible source who expects just that, and maybe they expect it because they were told by someone in the know or they are someone in the know. Still, I try to look at everything surrounding such a rumor, and I'm not going to jump on board based on what I've seen. The same way I won't get too worked up because local bloggers have a similar opinion that he is gone.

The blow may need softening for some, and that's perfectly all right. For me, though, I expect anything to happen. If he signs, awesome. We likely retain our number 1 pairing for a long time. If he doesn't, he can be replaced. I strongly feel Josi is going to be as Suter-esque defenseman. He might not be as good, or he might be better. After all, Josi got to play in the playoffs in his rookie year. Suter did not. (Though that probably had more to do with necessity than anything else. Blum got to play his rookie year, too, and ended up in the A early on in the next season).

Another bonus of Suter leaving is money freed up to spend elsewhere. The draw back is we don't have as many assets to throw towards a trade, but assets are still there. Honestly, if he isn't going to sign I do hope Poile trades his rights. It might keep Suter out of Detroit, and that would be fine with me. The absolute worst case scenario I can think of is Suter landing in Detroit. I don't like the Wild, but at least we aren't in their division (yet). It'd be even better if he went East, but I doubt it. (On a side note: I would be ecstatic and extremely entertained if his rights were traded to Detroit, and then he refused to sign there )

Again, I think right now it's probably 30/70 Suter stays/leaves. I'm not trying to be someone roaming around with rose-colored glasses on, but I will be critical of sources because it's just how I am.

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