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Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
I am getting more and more excited for the offseason to really officially begin. It appears it will be slow regarding UFA's given the lack of talent available, but from what we're hearing the trades could really heat up, which would be interesting considering how sloooooow trades were thoughout the entire season.

This past year has really been amazing with the Jets returning, it's all really a blur but it feels like we've already come so far in just a year in terms of everything, really, the team name, the jersey/logo, the draft, a few new player acquisitions, the season began and we were in the playoff hunt for 3/4 of it, the season ended, etc.. here we are. The year really did go extremely fast. It feels like 2 weeks ago we were watching the Jets in October or welcoming Selanne back to Winnipeg in December.

I am excited for the draft, for potential trades and free agent signings, and while I understand (or think I do...) what our teams philosophies are, I still second guess myself because I really have no clue what Chevy will do or how aggressive he will be. I'm afraid we're going to go to "slow and steady" not just this offseason but in the coming years, but that's just a hunch. I don't think our management team is content, far from it, but I do think they may be just a bit too slow on the gas. We'll see. A part of me just wants to see Chevy and co. make a bold move that will give all us Jets fans the "stamp of approval" in terms of this is our team and our management group is going to take it in their direction.

One thing that does worry me with the lack of quality UFA's and maybe our loyal to a fault approach with our own players, is I really do believe at the end of the day here we're going to see a pretty identical Jets team return to the ice for next season. I'm not a big fan of it though I am ready to accept it. We all watched how discontent and frustrated our Captain Andrew Ladd got in the media leading up to the deadline, this team needed some offensive help and he basically come out and said that, and put the ball in managements court. You could tell he was frustrated and I'd bet 3/4 or more of the team was. I'd really like to see us try and improve, someway somehow, rather than ice what would be pretty well be the same team as last season. I think if we ice the same team, the results may be all to familiar.
Originally Posted by Grind View Post
I very much agre with your sentiments.

My feeling on the loyalty issue is that though it sounds nice and seems like an admirable trait in management, in practice it is often a bad mentality for asset management. Loyalty is fine, provided you are rewarding the loyalty of something that worked. Rewarding loyalty to an ineffective team only prolongs the ineffectiveness.

Employees who's quality of work is subpar don't get to keep their job just because they've been there the longest, that's a perfect way to tank a business, and a hockey team.

Though i really want to Chevy put his mark on the team as well, one thing we have to keep in mind, it takes two to tango.

As far as our trade chips go, there's not a whole lot their that will net that impressive return that will give us that "our team" mark.

Combine that with the issue of not only finding "our type" of players available, we have to find them on teams who's needs match the few trade chips we have.

In short, I have every confidence that Chevy will attempt to put his stamp on the team, but I will not be surprised if he's unable to as the circumstances are far more limiting then many people seem to believe.

The last thing i want to see is Chevy jettison some of our talent and players for subpar returns simply because they aren't "our kind of guy".
good posts boys.........IMHO There is no way Chevy isn't trying to make moves as we speak but like you guys said it takes two to dance. I do think the NHL trade market will see some dynamic movement this spring and I hope we are involved if we win the trades

Guerzy when it comes to the organizational approach I know TSNE have often stated Nashville is a model they will follow most closely. Here is the rub though I really don't think they will follow it exactly just closely. my 2 cents worth out of the cheap seats on how this would look. Very similar draft and develop model with the road to Winnipeg going through St John's. We will be patient and not rush prospects into the line up or deal them unless it makes us stronger. Like Nashville a high % or our lineup will eventually be from our home grown system. Now where we will differ I believe is that we have more budget to secure key pieces than Nashville had for a long time (I think that has changed now). I think as time goes on you will not see us lose our franchise players to free agency and you will see them tied up in long term deals. I think Nashville spent some years with big limitations on their spending that might have hamstrung them a bit and forced them to be patient to a fault.

Also the major difference I think we will see is that the Nashville brain trust have built their team over 10 plus years whereas TNSE have inherited someone else's team and therefore I expect more initial churn and change with the Jets until they get their "type of players" on board. I think it will take 1 week to 3 years for us to transition 100% of the assets that Chevy knows will not be part of the long term picture. As Jim Collins would say Chevy will want to get the "wrong people off the bus, and the right people on the bus"

When it comes to loyalty as a hindrance (too much of anything is not a good thing ) my hopes are that Chevy is more pragmatic. He was not part of the old TNSE guard that are loyal to a fault and he did manage to put together all the championships in the IHL, AHL, and was a part of it at the NHL level. My hopes are he will bring a bit of a "friendly edge" to the equation. Loyalty is a trait to be admired in an ownership group but we need our GM to be all about business. Not saying we should copy the New England patriots but part of Bill Belichick's model is planned churn to keep things fresh on his teams. Not saying that's the route to take but the relentless pursuit of long term excellence will require a guy that parks his emotions when it comes to loyalty. Maintain our integrity while doggedly making the tough calls. Perfect complementary piece to Chipper and Zinger.

I will be at a chamber of commerce lunch tomorrow where Chevy is the keynote and will talk about "building an NHL franchise" and I will let you know if he does more than lob softballs

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