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06-13-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by RipsADrive View Post
How many times has this been repeated...

Oilers defence sucks. We know. The reason it sucks is because we don't have a true #1 and #2 (with Whitney's injuries) and it forces less talented but still good D-men to play more minutes than they should (Petry, Smid, Schultz and Whitney.)

So looking at the above you can see we're well stocked in depth defenceman but what we need badly is a true #1 minute eating D-man. The question is, how will drafting a fresh 18 year-old and acquiring a 5-6 defenceman like Schenn improve our defence for next year? Sure Murray will maybe eventually be able to fill that role but D-men are notoriously slow developers so we'll we just be stuck with 2 more semi-talented depth defenceman for next year.

On the other hand, we can take the top flight winger who is the unanimous best player in the draft to finally get some secondary scoring and continue building a lethal offence which will surely improve the team more than an 18 year old defenceman will.

Contrary to popular belief, the Oilers do have assets besides the kids who have value and Tambellini should look to trade those pieces for a D-man rather than making a toonie for two loonies type deal.
I hear ya, makes sense. Not many 18 year olds can step in and be an impact on defense. However when do you really feel is the time Oilers make a push for playoffs?... Maybe in 2-3 years (certainly not this year coming up, unless major overhaul in offseason)... so by that time that 18 year old will be 20/21.

To the bolded, do you really believe Tambo would be able to land a #1 defender with only giving up "B Level" assets?... I don't. As I am sure you can apperciate #1 and #2 dman (I consdier Whitney a #3 at best)... they don't come cheap. If the Oilers are looking to build a championship team it's obviously something that needs to be addressed.

If the Oilers want that #1 dman they seek, one of RNH/Hall/Eberle/#1 overall would have to be given up... Call me crazy... but I take the 3 Canadian boys all day over Yak.. 0 chance of defecting, not suggesting Yak will do that... but you know the other 3 will never do it.

As I see it, winning the lottery and getting #1 overall is a total unexpected gift the Oilers got and need to capitalize... not draft another high end winger, but shop it and hopefully strike a deal to bring someone in to solidify the backend....

Problem is to get that kind of defender I think it will cost ther #1 overall plus more...

Therefore trading back makes perfect sense... trade back 1-3 spots in a deal where you secure a top defending prospect + swap picks and draft a defender in the #2-5 slot... and in 2-3 years when the Oilers begin to compete for playoffs those 18 year olds will be ready step in and help out.

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