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06-13-2012, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
We need a team with 7 NHL caliber defensemen on the squad next year

Staal, McD and MDZ are locks at left D
Girardi is a lock on right D
Sauer is very uncertain

Schultz, Erixon (to the gym!) and a new (presumably vet) righty D are the optimal options imo
Bickel as an 8 D/14th fwd is also not entirely unthinkable - then to be used as a brawler when deemed necessary
Stralman, McIllraith are dark horses imo

Say Schultz does not sign, Erixon fails to impress Torts, Sauer is out and Stralman bolts to Europe... then what???
That would be a debacle IMO. Lets not think about that....Sather is not a ******, he knows we need to add some more players on the D if that does happen.

I am confident in Sather and he will make the right moves.

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