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06-13-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Murphy7 View Post
Upper level had a couple of singles in Row 1 and pairs in Row 2 on the Flyers shoot once end, and a pair in Sect. 207A.

End where Flyers shoot once:
219A Row 1 had a pair
219 and 219A each had a pair in Row 2
220 had three together in Row 2

Also, just outside the Center 6:
215 had pairs in Rows 3 & 4

End where Flyers shoot twice:
207A had three together in Row 4
208 had a pair in Row 4 (these were really nice seats with good neighbors)

IMO the ones in Section 215 are the prize choices... problem is that there are many who attend and few worth switching to. But the more unhappy people are in with their current location, the better chance they have of moving to one they'll like better.

Please don't get me wrong from my earlier posts... I believe it is a wonderful program and for what it is, it serves a real good purpose... The Flyers are doing a good service by offering the program. I just wanted to put out there, for anyone who has not attended, what to expect... it is what it is, and gives a chance to many to improve, but is a waste of time for many more who are long time STHers.

As you may have already guessed, I'm not a fan of end seats for long term seating... but I also realize that everybody has their own preferences and I do not consider mine to me anywhere near the ones for everybody; merely the way I like it.

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