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06-13-2012, 12:55 PM
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This was his exact text message

"The Neshinamy is freshwater. So is the Delaware(which he said wasn't). But our neighborhood is the furthest point inland at 0ft above sea level connected by a body of water (the river). So at low tide in Atlantic City it's low tide in the river. When high tide in Atlantic City, the river is 6-8 feet above low tide. Which means salt water is traveling this far up. The Ben Franklin line thing is where pure salt water reaches. Then above that and starting the Neshaminy is the estuary, which is half salt and half fresh. So both kinds of fish are in there"

Wow what a long fing text message lol. He kinda changed his opinion some. The whole argument was based on if you need a license to fish the river. I said yea but he said no because it has saltwater in it. Of course there is gonna be salt water in it if it is connected to the sea. I don't think the 50/50 line is at Neshaminy either, but don't feel like arguing about it

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